From time to time, whenever i find the time to do so, I prepare and give some outreach talks. Here you can find a selection of my highlighted contributions.

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Since 2011, I’ve been continuously participating in the PIIISA (Proyecto de Iniciación a la Investigación en Institutos de Secundaria de Andalucía) project. This program aims at engaging secondary school students in small researches directly in real scientific institutes. Through this initiative, the students get started in SCIENCE, learning how to carry out a scientific investigation.

Every year since then, my (and my colleagues) have proposed a list of astrophysical or cosmological projects. Here a small description of them.

  • PIIISA 2012/2013The PIIISA GALAXY-ZOO: Visual Morphology and Color classification for ~1500 galaxies in the Nearby Universe. Granada. Spain.
  • PIIISA 2013/2014Playing at being a nobel prize winner: Measuring the Dark Energy in the Universe. Granada. Spain.
  • PIIISA 2015/2016: Discovering the Dark Matter in the Universe. Malaga. Spain.

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